Ha Noi Egg Coffee

come to hanoi you should drink egg coffee one of the most famoust and unique in vietnam, you can go the by taxi or by bus or motorbike or do a night food tour with easy riders will be one of the best way for you

Once sitting behind  “Hanoi easy riders” team around hanoi old quarter in the morning time to admire pure beauty scenery Hoan Kiem lake – the heart of Ha Noi and you will see citizen to do Tai chi, running and exercise on the edge. Especially, load of people sipping and sitting on low plastic stools on the sidewalk while gossiping with friends, to those who prefer the pricier, hipster-style cafes popping up around Hanoi, the need for caffeine is inescapable.Nowadays coffee culture is very much entwined in Vietnamese life.One of the oldest and most famous café shop in Ha Noi that we should not overlook is Giang Café - humbly hidden on a small lane on Nguyen Huu Huan Street in the city’s old quarter. It may be difficult to find for visitors, but it is well worth the effort not just for the coffee but also to experience the atmosphere of a true local Hanoi cafe, tryinig some famous Egg café, which it makes with chicken egg yolk, coffee powder, condensed milk,... and optionally, cheese that you will find them amazing and give you give you an unforgettable experience The egg flavor is really fat, the coffee flavor are really both fragrant and bold. But the most important factor that make Giang Café unique and different from other restaurants is the formula how to measure exactly the fixed amount of eggs and coffee and the way to mix them perfectly that will decrease maximum the egg sickliness. 

Although there is a list of another drinks,egg coffee can be called as the best one and become best choice for Hanoi Street Food Tour Packages


hanoi easy riders team will take you go here 


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