Things around Hoan Kiem Lake at the weekend

one of the best place for you walk around hanoi, Hoan kiem lake one of the most beautiful lake in the city, where you can walk to see the lake and see and meeting people



Around Hoan Kiem Lake at the weekend

Considered as the big heart of Ha Noi, Hoan Kiem lake located in the old quarter. There ‘s a bunch of stuff you can do here especially at the weekend. Hoan Kiem lake dreamy and romantic in early morning,  a crisp morning you can always, kick off your day with a little stroll or a jog around the lake while soaking fresh air just so refreshing and rejuvenating. After sundown is when things get really execting around Ha Noi old quarter, vendors come over the city to spead out their wares and you can find great bargains on everything from souvenirs to street food. Since the market get crowded, it usually best to go by food because one best part of Ha Noi old quarter at the weeken is Walking street, there are no traffic around the lake, around night market and most of streets. That’s time just for relaxing, couple, local people, tourist… go down street for shopping, dance…with a lot of entertainment activities

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